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La Isleta de Phoebe
La Isleta de Phoebe (Phoebe's Little Island) is a semi-developed island, only 10 minutes boat ride from the city of Granada - a beautiful old Spanish city famed for its colonial architecture. The island has 2800 sqare meters in size. There are already two small simple houses on the island. The island has a water system that is connected to the bathrooms and showers. There is a fresh water swimming pool that feeds off the lake. There is a caretaker already looking after the island. The island also has the great advantage of being away from the mainland. The island is always cool and comfortable due to the continuous nice water breeze.

The island is for rent preferably for commercial use.


The island is located in Lake Nicaragua, among Las Isletas, a group of 365 islands, one for every day of the year! Lake Nicaragua covers over 8,000 square kilometers. It is the 10th largest fresh water lake in the world, and by far the largest in Central America.

Las Isletas is an archipelago of little volcanic islands situated inside Cocibolca Lake, 3 km from Granada city. All these islands are luxuriant and rich in fauna and flora, especially water birds. You can visit the islands by boat; leaving from Acese Port or Cabaa Port situated in the South end of Malecn of Granada. By boat, you can ride through the narrow canals that divide the islands and admire the18th century Spanish Fortress on San Pablo Island.

There is a monkey colony living on a little isle; when the boat comes near the shore, the monkeys become very excited! The archipelago is made up of hundreds of tropical islands, many of them just piles of granite boulders crowned by a few trees and ringed with coconut palms, with cormorants and spider monkeys the only signs of life; others with tin-roofed bungalows and brightly coloured boats at the docks belong to the local indigenous fishermen. The water is placid, and tall gorgeous palms, mango trees, and giant water lilies surround the islands. The tiny coves and channels of Las Isletas are populated by an indigenous community. You can see bare-chested men throwing fishing nets off rocks, women doing laundry, children paddling between islands in canoes.

There is a church on one island and a school on another. In other countries, a lake like this would be choked with speedboats and yachts, but not here. The islands in the lake vary from very large to very small. The lake is overshadowed by stunning mountains covered in tropical rainforest. The nearby town of Granada is undergoing a real estate boom and the lovely old colonial villas are going for steep prices. More and more islands are being bought by North Americans, and the stuccoed houses are crowned with satellite dishes looming over swimming pools and tropical shaded terraces. The islands all have views of Mombacho Volcano, which sits by the lake like a tropical version of Mount Fuji. Most notable in Las Isletas are the brand-new houses that have sprung up. Many of Las Isletas are now owned by North Americans.

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